Gilt to create 200 jobs

Gilt Groupe, the US online retailer has said that they are going to create 200 odd jobs which would be possible because of its establishment of its headquarter in Dublin. Along with that a new customer service center will also come up in the center in Limerick.

The company said that the new positions are going to be split into two categories based on the location. For immediate intake it is the position of software engineers for Dublin base. Their main job would be to start a software developmental center.

As for the customer center, it would work from September and will also be incorporating a new financial center as well.

Said Melanie Hughes, chief human resources officer that the, location was decided because of the kind of, skilled labor that is found in Ireland. The best part is that they are English-speaking and share close and strong cultural ties with the US. Access to the European market was an added attraction.

Gilt is into the business of online shopping and currently has some 3-3.5 million members who buy from luxury brands to other discount items.

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