Queen's Irish trip ends 'years of division': Irish PM

In London on Monday, when Irish leader Enda Kenny met with British counterpart David Cameron said that Queen Elizabeth II's trip to Ireland will bring an ‘end to years of division’. The visit is scheduled on May 17-20.

Two years ago, a rugby game was organized between England and Ireland at Croke Park to show that two nations have emerged from the 1920 massacre and had grown up.

The long time division originated from the mass killing of 14 Gaelic football fans by British troops in 1920. Kenny said that he does not know that whether queen will apologise for the bloodbath of 1920, but he said that she would visit some sensitive places like Croke Park, where the killings took place.

This will be the first state visit by any British monarch since the republic gained independence in 1922.

Prince Philip, Queen’s husband will also accompany her for her visit to Ireland under tight security.

At the time of British colonial rule on Ireland Dublin castle was the seat of power and during the visit the state dinner for the royals will be organized at Dublin Castle.

George V, 84 year old queen's grandfather was the last British monarch who during his time in power visited Ireland in 1911, a decade before the Republic of Ireland won independence from Britain.

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