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Morning sickness can be treated with oral sex

Gordon Gallup, who is a psychologist at the University at Albany-SUNY, has stated that morning sickness can be alleviated among women if they consume sperm from the male who impregnated them.

The theory by the psychologist states that a father's semen for a pregnant woman acts as a way to put an end to morning sickness while pregnancy.

War on pubic hair must come to an end

An appeal to end removal of pubic hair has been launched by a doctor who feels that bikini waxing, laser hair removal and ‘vajazzling’or jewelled decoration of the genitals can lead to infections and should be avoided.

Emily Gibson, a family physician and head of a student health centre, is all for bringing the war on pubic hair to an end as there are increased risks of infection and of sexually transmitted diseases amongst young people.

She says, “The amount of time, energy, money and emotion both genders spend on abolishing hair from their genitals is astronomical.”

Battle against cancer sees significant discovery

Discovery made by scientists at Queen's University, Belfast, is stated to be very significant when it comes to treating cervical and throat cancers.

A tumour is surrounded by non-cancerous cells and it involves targeting these cells along with the tumour treating itself.

An important role is played by non-cancerous tissue surrounding cancers of the throat and cervix in regulation of cancer cells being spread, scientists stated.

There can be development of treatments that can avoid the tissue being invaded by cancer.

Nasal spray can bring warring couples back together

Warring couples can be brought together all over again as a nasal spray containing a hormone can help bring happiness to such couples.

A compound that contains oxytocin when inhaled makes women feel calmer and friendlier and when it comes to men; they become more sensitive and positive during arguments.

During labour, oxytocin is released into blood as breast milk is triggered with this and floods the brain during breastfeeding, helping mother and baby bond.

Stress too gets affected when couples argue along with the autonomic nervous system during disagreements.

People cautioned against dengue virus during monsoon

Experts have stated that seeing the rains it is a must for authorities to take precautionary steps especially vector surveillance to keep dengue away as the season is apt for mosquito breeding.

It was stated that during rains, there is a fast increase in mosquito breeding especially those virus that cause the dengue fever. People are being urged to take all precautionary measures against the lethal insects.

Several march through Leeds in children’s heart unit protest

For supporting a children's heart unit that is threatened, thousands of campaigners gathered in Leeds today.

There is a proposal to close down paediatric heart surgery at Leeds General Infirmary and this proposal was being opposed by parents, nurses and MPs who had gathered in the city's Millennium Square.

After a review of children's heart services, the facility at Leeds was earmarked for closure.

£70m clinical negligence damages in 2.5 years in Scotland

Due to errors conducted during child births, in Scotland in about 2.5 years clinical negligence compensation totalling more than £70 million has been awarded.

A freedom of information request revealed that NHS Health Scotland closed 30 cases between January 2009 and June last year, which cost it nearly £70.5 million in damages and almost £3 million in legal costs.

According to Conservative health spokesman Jackson Carlaw, front line services will be affected by such costs.

According to a Scottish government spokeswoman, all negligence claims have taught vital lessons.

Women experience less chest pain during heart attack

It has been reported that heart attack symptoms differ in women. As compared to men, the chances of having a chest pain during a heart attack are lesser among women.

There are various symptoms that a heart attack can cause in different people and these can be tingling in the limbs to crushing chest pains along with nausea and breathlessness.

To examine these differences, US researchers made an attempt to figure out just how common chest pain and discomfort is for each gender, and if there were indications following this that a patient might die.

Melinda Gates attracts both applause, criticism for her work

Melinda Gates has attracted both applause and criticism for her generosity expressed at a summit in London where she expressed her willingness to help women in the developing countries with access to contraceptives.

Being rich is not easy and especially when you enjoy the tag of being the richest woman in the world. Her husband Bill Gates has a fortune of about $53bn and it becomes all the more difficult when you decide to go ahead with your decision of helping people at the cost of upsetting religious institutions and offending the forces of conservatism.

Total number of cases reaches 100 in Legionnaire’s outbreak

Since the Legionnaire’s outbreak that started in Edinburgh in May, there has been one more confirmed case and this makes the total number of cases to 100.

For some time the person was not well, according to the health secretary and the treatment was going on in hospital.

This makes the number of confirmed cases to about 52 and it has been reported by figures that the total number of suspected cases are 48.

This outbreak has taken away three lives and it is being suspected that it took place due to a cooling tower in the city.

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